Impact of Trauma on Children

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Impact of Trauma on Children

  • In the next series of videos, we will try to examine some causes of trauma, the effects of trauma in children and their future lives, minimizing trauma, how early experiences shapes the brain for life, and brains attention system. We cannot lay bad foundations, send the children to schools and blame teachers for how our children turn out. Parenting is the highest responsibility given to men and women by God.
  • This is a perfect news to those who have children under the age of 7, for they are still malleable- able to be hammered or pressed into shape without breaking or cracking.




  • In these videos, we seek to understand from case studies and stories how children turn from innocence into the wild people they turn out to be. In the first video, we search for answers in the stories of Colton Harris Moore and Ariel Castro beside other stories. We look into their family backgrounds and try to make a connection with how they turned out in teenage and adult life.
  • In the second video, we learn about the causes of trauma to children- the goal of this video is to achieve 2 things; 
  1. Create Awareness about the same
  2.  Provoke you to start being mindful of how your actions as a future or current parent or gurdian affects the mental health of our children.
  • By the end of the video, you should be able to point ou some of the causes of trauma in the family environment and start being deliberate and mindful of your actions, words and manner of living for they affect your children.
  • Upon completion, you will be awarded 3 CPD points for every video watched in this series.
  • You will have to watch the whole video (30 minutes) to completion to receive the 3 CPDs.

Course Curriculum

  • Trauma - Raising Monsters Out of Angels
    1 Minute
  • Epigenetic Inheritance of Trauma & Sources of Trauma Part I
    1 Minute