Taxation of Business Income

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Taxation of Business Income

  • The purpose of this course is to enable you gain a deeper understanding on taxation of business income and equip you with the relevant skill sets that enable you to understand and how to ascertain the taxable profits/gains for companies.

At the end of this professional Course, you will be able to understand:

  • The basis of charge to tax
  • What constitutes taxable income
  • Deductions allowed and deductions not allowed in ascertaining the taxable gain/profit
  • How to treat capital expenditure
  • The various capital deductions available for our company
  • Explain the makeup of taxable income
  • Identify the allowable deductions and disallowable deductions when preparing a tax computation
  • Discuss the various capital deductions
  • You must complete watching the video to earn the 3 CPD Units

Course Curriculum

  • Taxation for Business Income Part I
    32 Minutes
  • Taxation for Business Income Part II
    29 Minutes